Boosting your online presence with Cahootify

  Cahootify is an online portfolio and team forming platform for the film, media and entertainment industries. The platform itself enables creators from around the world collaborate together in order to plan, produce and edit media productions. Cahootify itself states there are 3 core attributes it can give the creator. It gives you the opportunity to create a portfolio, To form teams and to seek opportunities.


These days there are many social networking sites, with the dominant sites mainly being YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, these interfaces were initially designed for family and friends to communicate from around the world, so it didn’t matter where in the world you were, you could always keep in contact with the ones you love. Now several years after the launch of these networks they have become a commercial success and because of that many business opportunities have arisen from that, therefore Social medias have become a great marketing tool. The amount of users for YouTube, Twitter and Facebook is constantly growing and because of this factor it is imperative to make the most of your opportunities and make good relationships online that you could later use for collaborations. So it is important to make your online presence as good as possible.


Due to the mass of people that are currently using social media it is important to have a good online presence, this is because the numbers are only going to keep growing therefore you need to make yourself stand out! If you can market yourself correctly online it can even create more opportunities for your future careers, this is because employers are often doing online checks of candidates in order to see their personality and professionality  too see if it is right for the business. To create a professional identity online it is important to note down these few guides:

  • Act the same as you would in real life in front of your keyboard( know one likes a keyboard warrior)
  • Set a headshot that clearly shows your face or brand’s image as a profile picture
  • Connect with active followers
  • Tweet about things you find exciting (Gets across your personality)
  • Be consistent – Stick to your image you want to portray
  • Have links to your other profiles so you can boost your online identity
  • Keep your content up to date to keep your followers, viewers engaged


Using large social media networks can be a great way to advertise your Cahootify profile and drive traffic to it. By using Twitter you can encourage your followers to check out your Cahootify profile by inserting links to cahootify in your tweets, but be careful as these sort of tweets could be classed as spam, which your followers don’t want therefore your following could slowly decrease if these Tweets are not structured correctly. Structuring your tweets can be a hard task because an efficient message needs to be conveyed within 140 characters in order to persuade your followers to click on that important link. Think of why you want your followers to go to your profile, give them a preview of what they can expect and include an image to boost the interactivity of your tweet, because know one likes a boring tweet. A twitter user’s feed can quickly be built up and some tweets can easily be over seen therefore if you want to direct people to your cahootify profile you need to tweet about it at least 3 times a day. By connecting with people and engaging with your followers as a great way to direct traffic, this is because if you show that you are making an effort and are proving you have a personality people are more likely to invest in you.


Personally my favourite social platform is YouTube and by using this platform it can be a great way to direct traffic to your cahootify profile. With YouTube you can measure the success of a post a lot easier than perhaps Twitter or Facebook, this is due to YouTube’s analytics tool, where you can see the engagement, likes, dislikes, comments and views of each post. But just like any social marketing you need to have some sort of following in order for people to view your post. So if you directly don’t have many subscribers on YouTube then you could potentially contact a larger channel with a proposition of some kind, to promote your cahootify profile, by doing this it will increase your brand’s reach and is an easy way to get more traffic, however make sure the channels you contact are relevant to your brand otherwise the followers you gain from this promotion will most likely be inactive. If you are a video creator marketing yourself online has never been easier. By using YouTube you can upload almost anything you want and because it’s so versatile a wide audience can be built up. Stick a camera infront of you and talk to it, people on YouTube love to invest in personality and if you can get the across effectively you are onto a winner. Once you have built up an audience you are happy with there is no need to ask others to promote your profile as you can start doing that yourself but instead you can start moving on to collaborating with other YouTubers in order to gain more subscribers. Collaboration is beneficial to both parties because both channels will increase in growth by reaching out to a wider audience.


Because Cahootify enables videos to be displayed on your profile as part of your portfolio, you could embed your YouTube video in your projects so Cahootify members can easily view the video and if they click on it then they will be taken to your YouTube profile. Cahootify isn’t a very well known platform and due to this you should have a link to your profile on Cahootify on all of your social networking sites. If your followers on any platform notice you post regular content on Cahootify it may persuade them to invest into a profile themselves and in turn your are likely to get more attention on your profile.


Word of mouth can majorly benefit profiles online which is why it is beneficial to create a professional identity that people will be interested in. If someone notices your content is good they will happily share it with their friends and subliminally if they like it they will then subscribe, follow or like your posts. Because of this factor it is important to having sharing features on your posts so it makes word of mouth a lot easier, for example if someone likes a YouTube video and wants to share it with their followers they can click on the social icons below the video to share it with everyone.


In my own opinion I think that Cahootify has a great future ahead of it because of the concept behind it, however to be classed as a social networking site is another story. I believe it portrays itself as more of a business platform for film creators to broadcast their roles like,  except Cahootify isn’t as private. In terms of features I think Cahootify has everything it needs however I feel it needs a lot more promotion so people are more aware of the site. This is because I feel if professional producers had to choose between Cahootify and a well established site or company they would chose the later part due to brand loyalty.


Content Planning

My Content plan for the next 10 weeks will be continuing the theme of ” My uni life” This is because  I have collated a small following that followed me due to this theme therefore due to the fact I want my blog to be consistent. I will start introducing YouTube vlogs into my weekly uploads to interact more with my followers, I think due to the enhanced interactivity of YouTube my followers will feel more of a mutual engagement between us and therefore my following should increase.

In terms of actual content I can not forecast what it will be, this is because I will update it based on my real life encounters and I cant predict that! All I can say is that I hope you enjoy and continue on my epic journey of University and I will see you next week.

Taxonomy of YouTube

The Taxonomy of YouTube

YouTube was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim on the 14 February 2005. Throughout the last 10 years YouTube has become a world phenomenon and has acquired a staggering 1 billion users, which is almost a third of all people on the internet. Just to put YouTube’s success into comparison, on mobile devices alone YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US. Now this information is gathered by YouTube users alone which means many people do not have YouTube accounts therefore the Stats could be even larger if it was to account for these non-interactive users.

As of June 2012 60 hours of video was uploaded every minute on average. Now because this information is 3 years out of date and YouTube’s audience has grown substantially we can only imagine how many videos are uploaded every minute as of date. So what does this mean for content creators on YouTube? How do they get they’re videos noticed? Based on my past experience on YouTube being a content creator and some background research, YouTube’s Taxonomy also referred to as YouTube’s algorithm determines what videos turn up in the search bar. When a user decides to upload a video to YouTube there are multiple fields for them to fill in, these include: A title, a description box, the category of the video, tags and options to add custom thumbnails. All of these fields combine to put your video in the search results, however just because you fill in these fields it doesn’t mean your video will be a “hit”, and saying that it may not even get any views at all. This is because YouTube’s taxonomy/ algorithm works in certain ways, it wants the “best” content to show up first, but is what YouTube defines as “best” actually the best? Simple answer is no, YouTube categorize the most relevant/ best video based on the search results by how interactive your video is. The interactivity I mentioned is based on how many likes and comments the creator receives on the video, therefore the more likes and comments the higher your video will appear on the search bar.

Folksonomy’s of YouTube.

We have already discussed the taxonomy’s of YouTube and many other things, now I think it’s important we outline and explain the folksonomy’s. There isn’t much that can be said but the main ones are playlists and likes & dislikes. With all the videos on YouTube, the process of finding your favourite videos can be a hassle, fear not, playlists are ways that you can organise and categorize your favourite videos for your personal satisfaction. This categorization allows you to split or group your videos and can be done in: genres, or even how you feel i.e. a happy playlist with upbeat music or a ‘chilled’ playlist with more relaxing music, it all depends on you. Likes and Dislikes also play an important role, when the individual likes a video, the video has the opportunity to climb the YouTube ranking and earn its place on the first line of videos when YouTube has been opened. An Individual liking or disliking a video is a folksonomy because it is a form of categorization and offers a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ type of grouping.

Society Squads

In Uni there are either large or small social groups called societies, these can range from non-competitive socials such as baking too fully fledged competitive sports such as football. In my Uni there are 4 football teams and thus my passion for football lead me to try out for the football club/society. One of the main reasons students joining societies is because it will enhance or add to their social life, for example on the football team which I did make it in to by the way. We have our social on Wednesdays after our matches, now there are many advantages to having socials for example the free drinks, however there are conditions to this such as being “Dick of the day” which is pretty self-explanatory, scoring goals, assisting goals and for disobeying the captains at the socials! In my case I try and do this the most because I like vodka shots haha.

So the awards I received on the first ever game, were… Well let’s just say I got off to a good start! I got “dick of the day” for a number of reasons, one including having the audacity to try a rabonna in the game! I also scored a goal and got an assist, so as you can tell I got off to a good start and as a result I will leave you to imagine how the night went, as I have to keep it professional!!

If you have read down to this part of my blog then thank you and for that my piece of advice for today is to join society’s if you are in Uni as early as you can because it is a great way to have fun and escape from the challenging day to day life of Uni



What makes a good piece of online content?

What makes a good piece of online content, is an intriguing question and I aim to answer it to the best of my ability, however the infinite amount of choices you can make to enhance your content will make this blog to long and un-interesting, so I will narrow these possibilities down to a few of my key main points. First of all there are a few platforms online content can exist on; there is YouTube, Websites, Blogs (like this one), News pages and probably a few more!

My preferred source of online content is YouTube, because I feel you can express yourself and engage with your audience face to face or as it is face to camera better than a website or blog. Now! One of YouTube’s sensations is Caspar Lee with a staggering 5 Million subscribers. A method that can relate to all online content that Caspar Lee uses is to create original content, by creating online original content it engages your audience straight away because if they haven’t seen it before on YouTube or online then they are more likely to watch it rather than something that has become a copied over and over again.

However contradicting what I just said, creating content that people will want to view you will have to keep on top of trends, for example, “ The chubby bunny challenge” went viral and because of that basically all YouTuber’s took action and created their own “ Chubby bunny” challenges, purely because it gets views and made them money!

Now there is some controversy to making good content on YouTube… Just because he is one of the biggest does that mean he is the best? No it doesn’t he is just very lucky to be in the position he is in, but because of his social status what Caspar creates kind of creates an outline/ structure for smaller video creators videos, so does that mean that the creativity is slowly dying???

What happens in freshers?

The most original, innovative, exciting blog you will have witnessed since blogs began! In 1994… So not that long ago.

Unfortunately I lied, however you may find this just as interesting. And the topic today as you can tell by the title is: What happens in Freshers!

Now you will hear from every single Uni student how mental Freshers is. Ranging from meeting your fellow peers and by that I mean meeting everyone in the Uni. Myself personally I go to what is called a Family Uni rather than a commercial Uni. So the Uni I go to is Leeds trinity, which meant it was pretty easy to meet everyone and get yourself known. Now there are a few do’s and don’ts when ” getting yourself known”. Number 1 don’t be a d**k, remember the friends you make in Freshers week will be your friends for the rest of Uni and Vice versa the people that dislike you will have that first impression of you for the rest of Uni so don’t do anything that bad!

There are also a number of social events that your Student union will organise for day events, that if you are that bothered will cater for anyone, ranging from: Zorb football, eating challenges drinking games and many more activities. At my uni they even did bowling days out… if your into that!

A little bit of advice! Don’t buy tickets for events before you get to uni because you could be the only one going, so wait and see what people are doing when you arrive at Uni and that way you will also make yourself more known by going up to people.